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Girija Apartment, Arumbakkam, Chennai.

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FOODBOIL is not just a brand name - to us, it symbolises a way to solve an important problem for many Young Chennaities - our hunger pangs. Like many of our friends, we grew up with delicious home cooked meals, lovingly served. In our new, fast-paced lives in our new city, we can have everything except these simple, healthy, home cooked meals which remind us of family and friends with every bite. FOODBOIL was created to bring the taste and memories of these home cooked meals to your home or work location, from your chosen local home kitchen.

We are NOT just another online food delivery startup in Chennai. All our meals are prepared in a home kitchen of your choice - nothing is made in an industrial / restaurant / mess large-scale setting. We are focused on making sure your meals are delivered on time, without any issues. Most importantly, we understand we are delivering more than just a meal. We are delivering an important experience each day - we are connecting the youth of Chennai with moms in every kitchen across the city."We are connecting bachelors in every room with moms in every home, across Chennai"


We have a deal with Our Cookmates. The deal is we don't compromise with Quality for any Reason. Beacause we knew that is why you are here !


We are sure that your tummy doesn't get disappoint with our Quantity. We always make sure our Quantity will be more than you spend with us !


We make sure that our services are always hassle free delivery and cashless transaction, were we could serve you in a better manner.


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